CortexSTIM stimulator is designed to be used for direct electrical stimulation of cerebral cortex focal regions for motor, sensory and language functions. Constant current method has advantages over constant voltage stimulation when considering patient neurophysiologic aspects. Constant current types of stimulus are used to deliver controllable amount of electrical charge, regardless of the impedance of tissue between the electrodes. The stimulator can be used in two regimes in which current range, number of pulses, interstimulus time and frequency can be controlled. With classic Penfield mode novel Multipulse method can be used for intraoperative brain stimulation. For each method, parameters are defined independently and are preserved during a session.

Dual functionality enables:
—— comparison of stimulation efficacy for these two methods of stimulation
—— use of more appropriate method for specific intraoperative
application in motor, speech, cognitive area Penfield or Multipulse stimulation method can be alternatively used. For both types of stimulation, basic parameters are adjustable before, and can be changed during stimulation process. Stimulator can be used as stand-alone device with full local functionality, or can be connected and remotely controlled from IOM system or remote computer

Coordinator of the projectEnhancement of science-business cooperation for intraoperative neurophysiologic technology in Croatia (CortexSTIM)’’ is University of Split, School of Medicine. The main project target is preparation and implementation of research and development (R&D) activities for novel and innovative intraoperative neurophysiologic devices used during brain surgeries. Project partners are: FESB – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (Split), TTO – Technology Transfer Office (Split), SGM Medical (Split), KBD Clinical hospital Dubrava (Zagreb).


The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development – Fund with the support of Europe Aid OPRC (Operational Programme for Regional Competitiveness) SIIF (Science Innovation Investment Fund) IPA2007/HR/16IPO/001-040501.

CortexSTIM team at final prezentation

Kovačić Damir, Darko Chudy, Jakša Marojević, Mladen Popović, Dragan Gabeloca, Deletis Vedran, Ina Jakelić, Boško Ljubenkov, Leandra Vranješ Markić, Antonio Šarolić i Biuk Vicencije

CortexSTIM završna prezentacija

CortexSTIM završna prezentacija: doc. dr. sc. Damir Kovačić, Prof.dr,.sc. Darko Chudy, Deletis Vedran

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