Peer-Reviewed Publications

Note: There was an interruption in my scientific work from February 2002 till May 2003 due to the deafness and cochlear implantation
* Joint first authors

Conference Proceedings

  • Kovačić, Damir; Balaban, Evan.
    Do Cochlear Implants Provide Spectral Envelope Cues For Voice Gender Identification?
    Conference on Implantable Auditory Prosthesis (CIAP 2009), Lake Tahoe, CA, USA 2009, pg.141
  • Kovačić, Damir; Balaban, Evan.
    The Role Of Temporal And Spectral Information In Gender Identification And Discrimination In Children With Cochlear Implants
    Conference on Implantable Auditory Prosthesis (CIAP 2007), Lake Tahoe, CA, USA 2007, pg.191
  • Kovačić, Damir; Balaban, Evan.
    Morphological Changes Of ERPs To The Perception of Vowels And CV Syllables In The Post-Implantation Period In One Cochlear Implant User
    Conference on Implantable Auditory Prosthesis (CIAP 2005), Asilomar, CA, USA 2005, pg.165
  • Kovačić, Damir.
    Optička topografija i verbotonalna metoda
    Nove tehnologije i verbotonalna metoda: zbornik sazetaka.
    Zagreb : Poliklinika SUVAG, 2004. 4-4
  • Kovačić, Damir; Pena, Marcela; Tsubokura, Hifumi; Maki, Atsushi; Mehler, Jacques.
    Optical Topography And ERP Study Of Speech Perception Changes Following Cochlear Implantation: A Case Study
    Conference on Implantable Auditory Prosthesis (CIAP 2003), Asilomar, CA, USA 2003
  • Kovačić, Damir.
    Postoperativna verbotonalna rehabilitacija nakon ugradnje umjetne puznice // Međunarodna znanstveno-stručna konferencija: Verbotonalna metoda. Socijalna adaptacija i integracija djece ostećena sluha: Zbornik sazetaka.
    Moskva, 2003. 14-15
  • Vinković, Dejan; Garaj, Slaven; Zgrablić, Goran; Gradećak, Silvija; Kovačić, Damir; Biliskov, Nikola; Grbac, Neven; Andreic, Zeljko.
    VLF emission and electrophonic sounds from Leonids identified
    The Leonid MAC Workshop book of abstracts. AMES, 1999.

Invited Talks

  • Kovačić, Damir. Spatial Profiles of Correlation in Spike Timing to Broadband Noise Across Auditory Nerve Fibers. Gordon Research Seminar, June 12-13, 2010. Colby-Saywer College, NH, US.
  • Kovačić, Damir. How sounds are perceived and encoded in normal and impaired auditory systems? Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit – Medical Research Council, Cambridge, November 20th 2009.
  • Kovačić, Damir. The gender congruency effect. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, July 31th , 2006, Leuven, Belgium
  • Kovačić, Damir. Pitch Reconstruction Of Speech In Subjects With Cochlear Implants. The days of Petar Guberina,May 24th , 2006, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Kovačić, Damir. Verbotonal Rehabilitation After Cochlear Implantation. International congress of the verbotonal rehabilitation, October 15th-18th 2005, Moscow, Russia
  • Kovačić, Damir. Speech Perception With Cochlear Implant: Optical Topography Study. 7th Alps-Adria Conference in Psychology, June 2nd-4th 2005, Zadar, Croatia
  • Kovačić, Damir. Evocirani potencijali i verbotonalna metoda. Okrugli stol Poliklinike SUVAG Dani Petra Guberine,May 24th , 2005, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Kovačić, Damir. Speech Perception With Cochlear Implant: Optical Topography Study. The BIONIC EAR Institute,July 16th , 2004, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kovačić, Damir. Optical topography study of language recognition at birth. Department of Physics, Politecnico di Milano, February 13th 2004, Milano, Italy
  • Kovačić, Damir. Speech Perception With Cochlear Implant: Optical Topography Study.
    Cognitive Neuroscience and Verbotonal Method, October 11-13, 2003, Roma, Italy