Medical Bionics for Hearing Summer School will start on Saturday, August 27th at the School of Medicine, University of Split. The School aims at presenting important theoretical and experimental knowledge and practices in the field of medical bionics for hearing. Thirteen speakers will cover wide range of topics including auditory periphery & cochlear mechani, neural processing in hearin, auditory neuroelectronics, cellular aspects of hearing, in vitro culturing of auditory neurons device, current solutions in medical bionics (cochlear implants, auditory brainstem implants, deep brain stimulation etc.). Generally, core presentations will be given by the invited speakers in the morning and early afternoon sessions, followed by workshop sessions in late afternoon and short presentations of students in the evening. We intend to stimulate cross-disciplinary interactions between students and researchers in a highly non-formal and stimulating environment. The overarching goal of the School is to bring together scientists and students to the same place in order to offer “playground” for ideas and issues contributing to the development of novel bionic devices for hearing and communication. More information can be found at the School’s Web site.